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Client management.

CRM system, allowing customers to consider and objects that interact, conduct all contracts, certificates and other documents of the company.

Project management.

The system allows you to control all the resources of the enterprise finance, projects, production work, warehouse. You will be able to automate most of the processes in the company and to receive timely reports.

Service management.

Account servicing and troubleshooting, quality control, customer service, analysis and reports. Billing allows you to fully automate customer relationships - keep their balance, automatically charge, load data from different payment systems.

Monitoring property.

With this system, you build the most modern remote centralized management. Implemented an innovative approach to the treatment of anxiety, maintains a log of all actions on duty. Rapid detection of equipment malfunction at the facility, as well as false positives and prevent false trips RRG.

Private office (soon)

Here the customer can keep track of your balance, receive notifications from the service department, to create an application for the suspension or resumption of service.

Mobile app (soon)

Applications for iPhone, Android allow the client to manage the system: control of the state, arm / disarm, view balance and more.


1. Completeness

Sunros solutions help automate and tie into one process virtually all areas of the organization. Employees can work in a single database, which increases the speed of interaction and improves the quality of work.

3. Specificity

We have incorporated features of automation in the field of security. In our products thought a lot of "little things" that are found only in the security industry and security activity. This dignity you will not, if you make a system razrabatannuyu "for all".

2. Availability

Free Sunros solutions now allow each company to improve their work and see how you can become more efficient and technologically advanced. Paid products available has a cost that can not afford most of the organizations.

4. Manufacturability

Using the most advanced information technology products Sunros allows any enterprise security sector to compete with the market leaders. Among our development desktop, web and mobile applications.

Price list

Module \ Product

Sunros Monitoring

Sunros CRM

Sunros Complex

Console program
CRM system
Personal Account
Mobile apps
Manage RRG Soon
Cost per one workstation without limitation 448$ 448$
per 100 objects 442$ 360$ 675$

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